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RS Craft Ideas - Super Saturday

**Remember - the ideas on this page are only a FEW of our designs that would make perfect Relief Society or group crafts.  Feel free to browse around the site to find many, many more ideas!**


  • Please note that when ordering wood, it is unsanded and unpainted.
    You will need to do that on your own.
  • If you are unclear of what you may need, or have any questions,
    please email us:

    For Relief Society, Girls Camp, and other Group projects:
    YOU MUST place and pay for your order
    at least 2 weeks before you need it!
    Remember to add a little bit to each project cost for your
    group members
    to cover shipping costs.
    (If you are short on time, email us and we will try our best to work
    with you and your time frame.)

    More Projects Added Regularly! 



Home King Queen Castle Love2

Any Home Castle King/Queen.  CLICK HERE



Christmas O LITTLE TOWN of Bethlehem2

O Little Town of Bethlehem.  CLICK HERE



Away in a MangerB2

Away in a Manger.  CLICK HERE
*A favorite of our customers!*



Christmas tree tops glisten2

Where the treetops glisten.  CLICK HERE



I love you because on frame2

I Love You Because:  CLICK HERE



Christmas Jar Decals3

Christmas decals for jars.  Great for goodies, lanterns, gifts, tiles, ornaments, etc...  Click here



Having somewhere HOME FAMILY BLESSING5

Having somewhere to go is a HOME.  Click here



2013 temple vinyl3

Stand ye in Holy Places vinyl decal.  Click here.



pan etching2

Personalized Glass Etched Pans.  Click here.
For detailed instructions on how to make these, click here.



Welcome Signs Door2

Welcome signs - great for wood plaques to hang in your home.  Click here.



YW torch ideas1

YW Torch Lanterns....or any other design you’d like!  Click here.



Temple KC block two2

Our LDS Temples on Glass Blocks.  Perfect for any home!
Detailed instructions on how to make these glass blocks, click here.



As seen on our BLOG!
Vday love soap dispenser3

Love w/hearts soap dispenser.  What a cute and easy craft!
Order the decal here.  Instructions on how to make it are here.



See yourself with SAVIOR1

See yourself with the SAVIOR.
Perfect for etching onto a mirror!  Click here.



family definition plaque1

Family Definition Wood Plaque, CLICK HERE



Child of God blocks1

I am a Child of God Wood Blocks, CLICK HERE



missionary plaque1

Missionary Definition Wood Plaque, CLICK HERE



Temple wood plaques2

LDS Temple Wood Plaque.  Makes a wonderful table display for RS lessons, or in your home!
Order temple decals here.




Family proclamation 10

Family Proclamation Home Decor plaque.
Vinyl decal can also be applied onto a ceramic tile.
For detailed instructions on how to make this great wood plaque, click here.
You can order the vinyl decal, HERE.



vinyl see yourself temple3

See yourself in the Temple.
A simple decal on a mirror.  Also looks great etched onto glass.
You can order the decal HERE.



tissue box complete2

Tissue Box cover.  An easy craft for any home.  Totally customizable by *you*!
For detailed instructions on how to make this, click here
To order the family words, click here.



write worries in sand2

Write your worries in the sand.  Carve your blessings in stone.
A quick, easy craft!  Vinyl lettering available here.



etched living christ

Christ glass etching.
Great on frames or even glass blocks.
The darker the picture is in the frame, the better you can see CHRIST.
Would look great in front of a temple picture, The Living Christ, YW Theme, a family picture, etc...
Instructions on how to make a frame like this are here
The CHRIST head decal is available HERE.



Glass etching examples

Glass Etching is a fun and easy craft.  You can etch anything glass.  We especially love etching our names on the bottom of glass baking pans so when we take them to ward functions, we know exactly which ones belong to whom.  You can use a regular decal (like on the jar lantern, and etch the entire glass) or you can use an inverted graphic and etch just the graphic onto the glass.  You can use either spray-on etching paint (removable) - for items not being eaten from or washed - or you can use glass etching cream (permanent) for items that are for food and will be washed often.  Instructions on how to use glass etching cream for glass pans, etc... are here.
You can order custom text (names) by emailing us:
or you can order cute decals or  WORDS to use (if using etching cream you need to tell us to invert the graphic/words).  In the vinyl color box type in: INVERT WORDS.



quote six bees2

6 Be’s vinyl on wood plaque
Looks great on wood, tile, glass, etc...  Click HERE



Christmas manger animals holy night2

Glass Block Christmas Designs, click here
These designs look great on glass blocks.  Add lights - and it is perfect!



lantern flower1

Glass Lantern. Could also be used as a night light.
Order your vinyl decals right here! You could use shapes, animals, a temple, even a name.
Detailed instructions on how to make these are here.
Email us with any questions:



family name you bear3

Family Name; be true to who you are.
Perfect for tiles!  Click here




Chocolate Four Basic Food Groups
choc 4 foods signs2

Perfect for every chocolate lover! Order the vinyl here.




Thomas S. Monson Quote
as you walk thru life monson wood peg

Shown in picture on a stained wood board, held up in back with a peg.
This is a GREAT alternative to a tile, since tiles
are heavy and breakable.
You can stain the wood any color.  You could even paint it.

To order the vinyl lettering, click here



Thanksgiving with scroll1

Happy Thanksgiving.  CLICK HERE




let it snow plexi1

A fun addition to your home for the winter season.  ~Easy to make.~
To order this vinyl, click here



Family Picture Block(s)
vinyl family word block

family blocks kirsten black1

A quick item to make and easy!  To order this vinyl, click here



Be Blocks
Be Blocks

Another quick and easy craft item.  Also perfect for YW!
To order this vinyl, click here



Temple Glass Blocks
glass block tf temple solid

Temple Glass Blocks look wonderful in any home.
To order your temple decal, please go to our LDS Temples page.

If you want a temple inverted (like shown in red of the Twin Falls temple) just mention this
in the vinyl color fill-in space when ordering.

The size you need to fit on an 8x8 glass block is the 6.75” decal.

Detailed instructions on how to make these glass blocks, click here.



Thanksgiving - Gather Together in Gratitude board
Thanksgiving gather board

A perfect display for the Thanksgiving season.  To order this vinyl, click here